Gatefold Pocketfold Guides & Templates

Instructions, Guides & Printing Templates

The following guides and resources should help inspire and guide you, but if do find yourself a bit stuck don't hesitate to contact us and we'll help you get back on track. Take a look at the amazing Paperbliss blog for more inspirational ideas, tips and tricks.

Gatefold Pocketfold Explained...

Here is a sizing guide for our Gatefold Pocketfold as well as an insert guide to help give you an idea of sizes.

Gatefold Pocketfold Explained

How To Assemble Your Pocketfolds

    1. Glue the edges of the backing mat and stick it to the invite, then stick the text mat on top of this.
Step 4
  1. Add your finishing touches; such as belly bands or ribbons before finally popping in the post.
  2. Don't forget to send us a snap before you send them all out, we'd love to see your finished invitations!

Text Mat and Insert Templates (Microsoft Word)

Some advice from the "Pros":

  1. To ensure you are printing your text mats and inserts to the highest quality, make sure you change your printer preferences to print to the highest resolution.
  2. Always test on scrap paper/card before you print your inserts. Just in case your printer settings need tweaking.
  3. Use our easy to apply roller glue for speed and no mess!