Colour Guide

A handy guide to the colour choices we currently offer. We have hand-picked these fine papers and card-stocks from around the world, to provide you with the very best quality.

Metallic and Pearlescent Colours


  • White Champayne, Light Gold
    White Champayne Pearlescent
  • Sunny Gold, Gold
    Sunny Gold  Pearlescent
  • Heart Gold, Gold
    Heart Gold Metallic
  • Snow flake
    Snow Flake  Pearlescent
  • Heart Silver, Silver
    Heart Silver Metallic
  • Onyx, Steel
    Oynx Metallic
  • electric Violet, purple
    Electric Violet Metallic
  • Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue Metallic
  • Jade Blue
    Jade Blue Metallic
  • Lime green
    Lime Green Metallic
  • Midnight Blue
    Oyster Shell Pearlescent
  • Misty Rose
    Misty Rose Pearlescent
  • Candy Apple
    Candy Apple Metallic
  • Bronze
    Bronze Pearlescent

Matte Colours


  • Sunshine Yellow
    Sunshine Yellow Matte
  • Deep Saffron
    Deep Saffron Matte
  • Recycled Ivory
    Recycled Ivory Matte
  • Ivory
    Ivory Matte
  • Kraft
    Kraft Matte
  • Flamingo Pink
    Flamingo Pink Matte
  • Deep Fuchsia
    Deep Fuchsia Matte
  • Purple heart
    Purple Heart Matte
  • Navy blue
    Navy Blue Matte
  • Pacific Blue
    Pacific Blue Matte
  • Teal
    Teal Matte
  • Mint Green
    Mint Green Matte
  • Hunter Green
    Hunter Green Matte
  • June Bud
    June Bud Matte
  • White
    White Matte
  • Slate Gray
    Slate Gray Matte
  • Smoky Black
    Smoky Black Matte