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  • DIY Project: Make your own photo booth

    Looking for a fun yet affordable way to keep your guests entertained during your wedding reception? Why not get creative with a bit of wedding DIY and design your own photo booth? Super simple to make and extremely budget friendly, it’s one of our favourite trends to hit the UK wedding scene.

    Step one - Source all your props

    First things first, source a handful of fun props by shopping eBay, charity shops, pound shops and party shops. You might also like to theme your props to your day. For example, if you’ve opted for a Gatsby styled day, throw in some feathered headpieces, 20’s hats, pearl jewellery and feather boas to complement your day. Once you’ve collected a range of props, pop them in a box, or an old suitcase, that will be easily accessible to your guests.

    Step two - Create your own backdrop

    Take your photo booth from naff to fab with the addition of a simple backdrop. We’re not saying you have to get too fancy, something like sequin fabric hung on the wall, or an origami paper crane backdrop will work just fine. Colourful bunting, pom poms and pinwheels, which can all be hung on the wall behind you, are other design ideas you might like to consider.

    Step three - Set up your photo booth in the perfect location

    Once you’ve created your own photo booth, there’s still something very important to consider – where to put it. Photo booths can be set up inside or outside your venue but you need to choose somewhere that’s easily accessible and comfortable for all your guests. There may be a separate room that can be used for your photo booth - but be careful of separating your guests from the rest of the party and make sure it is well signposted.

    Step four - Get a family friend or photographer to get snapping

    As most photographers only stay until the first dance, you might want to make sure guests can have fun in your photo booth from the start of your drinks reception. This means your photographer will be able to capture some great shots throughout the afternoon. Alternatively, you could hire your photographer for an extra hour or two into the evening with the sole duty of photo booth photography.

    How would you style your photo booth? We’d love to hear your ideas! Tell us over on Facebook or Twitter.



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