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  • Bridal style: Pick the right dress for your shape

    Make wedding dress shopping easy by opting for a gown that flatters your figure and sits perfectly on your frame…


    Women with an hourglass shape have hips and shoulder similar in size with a nipped in, well-defined waist.

    Your dress prescription:

    Rows- dresses 1

    ●  Mermaid style gowns – Great for ultra-curvaceous girls, the mermaid gown plays up your figure in all the right places. Very Jessica Rabbit!

    ●  A-line gowns – A great streamlined option to balance your figure.

    ● Sweetheart necklines – One of the most flattering necklines for showing off your assets.


    Many women who are rectangular shaped often mistake their body type as hourglass. However, while your waist will be smaller than your hips and shoulders, there’s much less of a difference than with an hourglass figure. Instead you’ll have a much straighter shape.

    Your dress prescription:

    Row 2- dresses

    ● Sheath gowns – Think lightweight materials and boho. This style of gown can create those curves you’re after.

    ●  A-line gowns – The A-line gown is another great option for creating an hourglass shape.

    ●  High necklines – If you’re a slim rectangle, high necklines offer a unique option for your wedding gown.

    Triangle – otherwise known as Pear

    Just like a pear you’re smaller on the top than the bottom. Your hips are wider than your shoulders and you tend to carry more of your weight on your bottom half.

    Your dress prescription:

    Row 3- dresses

    ●  Princess ball gowns – Emphasise all your best bits with a sculpted, figure-hugging corset.

    ●  Empire line gowns – This style of dress emphasises your tiny waist and flatters your whole figure.

    Inverted Triangle

     If you have slim thighs, but a slighter larger upper body, your figure can be described as an inverted triangle. Any easy way to assess whether you’re this shape is to see if your shoulders are broader than your hips.

    Your dress prescription:

    Row 4

    ●  Mermaid style gowns – Balance out your shape with a mermaid style gown that provides a flattering counterpoint to wide shoulders.

    ●  Short gowns – Show off your slim pins and balance out your figure with a 50s style short dress.


    Row 5- dresses

    Although not traditionally a body type, it’s important to take into account your height, as well as your frame. While most styles suit tall brides, they’re best off avoiding empire line dresses.


    If you’re 5’ 3” or under, you’re traditionally classed as petite. Even more so than tall women, petite girls need to make sure they choose the right style of gown – many may swamp them.

    Your dress prescription:

    Row 6 - dresses

    ●  Sheath gowns – The simple cut of a sheath gown will elongate your figure without overwhelming it.

    ●  A-line gowns – A-line gowns also add height and shape to a petite bride.

    What style of dress do you have your heart set on? Tell us over on Facebook or Twitter. In the meantime, why not be inspired by some of our favourite gowns on Pinterest.


  • Hairspiration: 25 of the best bridal styles

    Struggling to find the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day? From the chic bun to boho loose waves, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you on today’s blog…

    row 1

    1. Hollywood star

    Go glamorous with loose Hollywood waves worn to one side

    2. Floral queen

    Wear your hair loose and finish off with a boho floral crown.

    3. Boho bun

    Add loose waves and texture to your hair before securing it in a loose, messy bun.

    Row 2

    4. Short and sweet

    Add a cute yet sophisticated touch to your short locks with curls and a pretty floral headband

    5. French beauty

    Opt for something romantic and elegant with a pretty French twist

    6. Simply veiled

    Wear your hair loose and simple, with a charming full-length veil.

    row 3

    7. Hippy vibe

    Adorn your long loose waves with a hippy chain hair accessory – great for boho brides, festival brides, or brides embracing a Moroccan theme

    8. Classic bride

    Opt for a neat chignon, something simple and chic

    9. Au natural

    Use your favourite hair products to enhance your locks and add volume.

    row 4

    10. Half up, half down

    Tie your hair away from your face and add lots of volume for a dramatic and stunning half up, half down look.

    11. Ballerina bun

    Add a pretty touch to your neat bun with a thick braid.

    12. Modern twist

    Add an elegant touch to your ponytail with stylish twists.

    row 5

    13. A feminine touch

    Get in touch with your girly side with the charming fishtail plait. Adorn with a headband or flowers.

    14. Totally chic

    Scrape your hair back into a pretty, voluminous chic bun

    15. Braided crown

    Embrace your inner hippy with a full braid look.

    row 6

    16. Simply unique

    Opt for something different with this beautiful French braid and bun combo.

    17. A touch of class

    Combining elegance with class and glamour, this is the perfect up-do for a super-chic wedding.

    18. Perfect pony

    Add a touch of pretty to your ponytail with perfect curls and a bit of height.

    row 7

    19. Braided beauty

    This romantic messy bun is wedding-ready with its pretty braids and tight curls.

    20. Loose tendrils

    Soften your up-do with face framing curls.

    21. Vintage vixen

    Embrace the vintage look with a chic birdcage veil.

    22. Garden charm

    Adorn your loose and messy up-do with garden flowers for the ultimate boho look.

    23. Simply pretty

    Wear your bun loose and low for a pretty and romantic look

    24. The finishing touch

    Add interest to your wedding hair with a waterfall braid or twist.

    25. Homespun charm

    Opt for the beautiful girl-next-door look with a classic half up, half down hairstyle.

    How will you be wearing your hair on your big-day? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter. If you’re still not sure, why not get some inspiration from the Paper Bliss team over on Pinterest


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