• The 10 commandments: Our top bridesmaid duties


    Being a bridesmaid is fun – and a real honour, but it’s important to remember that there’s more to a bridesmaid than just a name. Taking the role seriously, and remembering the real reason you’ve been given a special part in your friend’s wedding day, is key to a bridesmaid’s success. To give you a helping hand, we’ve listed the top 10 duties for a modern-day bridesmaid, ensuring you’ll be helping create the best wedding ever!

    1. Be a true friend

    Being a bridesmaid goes beyond the traditional duties. The core of being a good bridesmaid comes down to being a good friend. True friends are honest, supportive and caring, no matter what. They listen to their best friends vent, they offer honest advice about bad outfit choices, and are a voice of reason in times of doubt.

    1. Remain patient

    Watching one of your besties try on another 20 wedding dresses for the third consecutive weekend in a row might not be the highlight of your bridesmaid duties, but it’s something you should accept as part of the role. With the stresses of a wedding day, brides can become confused and indecisive, meaning everything from big-day themes and venues change on a weekly basis. The key thing here is to remain patient and offer your support – which will usually just be listening when she needs it most.

    1. Be a team player

    As a bridesmaid you’re part of a team. Create a positive, inspiring environment for the wedding party, rather than trying to lead the pack or fight for the best bridesmaid crown. A bride already faces enough stress, without her so-called little helpers adding to her worries. Work together, try and diffuse any negativity, and always remember your bride’s wants and wishes.

    1. Be the perfect shopping buddy

    Make wedding dress shopping even more exciting than your bride could’ve ever imagined, and make bridesmaid gown shopping even simpler than she’d have ever expected. Offer words of wisdom, be truthful but tactful, and offer to help research if your bride is struggling to find something she likes. When it comes to your dress, do voice your opinion – but try to be constructive, not critical. Be willing to meet your bride halfway – just like you’d expect her to if it were your day.

    1. Pitch in with the wedding DIY

    Not all bridesmaid tasks are glamorous – and while wedding DIY might be right up your street, playing with glue guns isn’t necessarily fun for all. Even if you’re not a crafty queen, be willing to help out with the not-so-fun jobs too. If you don’t think you’ll be able to help out much on the creative front, offer support in other ways, by making cups of tea or creating a positive atmosphere.

    1. Plan an amazing hen party

    One of the key memories a bride has of her wedding is her hen do. It’s a lovely way of marking the end of an era and celebrating the start of a new one; but getting it right can be tricky. When planning the special weekend of events, bear in mind what the bride would like to do – not your personal preferences. Also keep in mind what others would enjoy and can afford. The key is to keep it personal, rather than just another night out – so throw in all those thoughtful touches to ensure she feels extra special.

    1. Go the extra mile

    Being a bridesmaid isn’t just about helping out with the pre-wedding tasks, scouting out outfits for the day, and running last-minute errands. It’s about going above and beyond what’s expected of you to make your friend’s wedding the best day ever. Decorate the honeymoon suite as a special surprise and put together a special breakfast for you all to enjoy on the morning of the wedding. While simple, these little touches will go down a real treat.

    1. Take charge behind the scenes

    Being on top form on the big-day itself is a huge part of your role – and there's a lot you can do to help. From making sure the bridesmaids' dresses are in order, to collecting all the final bits on the morning of the wedding. While these things may seem small, they’re key to making sure the whole day goes smoothly.

    1. Carry that all-essential bridal kit

    Be prepared for every eventuality with a homemade bridal kit. Leave in the honeymoon suite, or in a little box at the venue and fill with the following:

    • Painkillers
    • Plasters
    • Chalk – for smudges on the dress
    • Hair accessories
    • Dental floss
    • Make-up
    • Mini sewing kit
    • Handheld mirror
    • Safety pins
    • Tissues
    • Easy-to-carry snacks

    Get the party started!

    As a bridesmaid, you’ve got to be the hostess with the mostess, making all the wedding guests feel welcomed and in the mood to celebrate. Make the transition from day to night easy by being the first to join the bride and groom on the dance floor – grabbing a few friends to come along with you! Keep the atmosphere alive and buzzing, while making sure your bride has an amazing time.

    What extra special things have you arranged to make sure you’re the best bridesmaids ever? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!

  • Drinks 101: Cocktails

    Your drinks menu is just as important as your wedding food. It has the potential to complement the season and the theme of your day, helping create that all-important atmosphere. While Pimms may be the most popular post-ceremony cocktail among today’s brides and grooms, there are plenty of other classic combos you could consider.

    Drinks header

    ● Limoncello-Mint Champagne

    Ideal for Tuscan-inspired affairs, and wedding celebrated in spring and summer, this zesty cocktail is a sure party starter.

    ● Cosmopolitan

    For a chic touch, why not opt for the classy cosmopolitan? One thing we love about this cocktail is the option to change up the fruits to make it seasonal.Blueberry

    ● Mojito

    A great twist on the classic. The mojito is loved by most and is a great option for a refreshing reception drink. The addition of blueberries adds a unique touch to the cocktail – and can also work as your “something blue”!

    Personalising your cocktail

    If you’re looking for unique ways to personalise your day, creating your own Mr and Mrs cocktail is a great place to start. While this might sound a little daunting to the least experienced mixologists of you, you needn’t worry – we’ve got all you need to whizz up the cocktail of your dreams.

    1. Decide on the types of liquor you enjoy

    This starting point is an excellent way to whittle down the many options you have. Once you’ve decided on two or three liquors you both like, think about which mixers you typically enjoy mixing them with.

    2. Get mixing

    The only way you’re really going to get a taster for your tipple is by trying it out yourself. As you’ll have limited yourself to just a few liquors, and consequently a few combinations, this shouldn’t cost you too much. Remember to use equal parts of sweet and sour and alcoholic / non-alcoholic components. It’s also best to shake drinks containing juice and stir drinks that are made purely from alcohol.

    3. Make it pretty

    From fruits to edible glitter and pretty straws – anything goes.

    4. Add a signature name

    After all, it is your creation!

    You can get inspiration for some fabulous cocktail combinations here.

    Other ways to add a unique touch to your cocktails include


    ● Edible flowers

    Add some wedding pretty to your tipple by topping it with a colourful edible flower.

    ● Mason jar glasses

    For the school fete or festival touch, why not serve up your cocktail in a mason jar with straw?

    ● Sparkly stirrers

    Great for glam occasions or Christmas or New Year’s wedding celebrations, a sparkly pom pom topped stirrer is sure to get your guests talking!

    What would be your signature cocktail on your wedding day? Share your favourite tipple mixes with us over on Facebook or Twitter

  • Hairspiration: 25 of the best bridal styles

    Struggling to find the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day? From the chic bun to boho loose waves, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you on today’s blog…

    row 1

    1. Hollywood star

    Go glamorous with loose Hollywood waves worn to one side

    2. Floral queen

    Wear your hair loose and finish off with a boho floral crown.

    3. Boho bun

    Add loose waves and texture to your hair before securing it in a loose, messy bun.

    Row 2

    4. Short and sweet

    Add a cute yet sophisticated touch to your short locks with curls and a pretty floral headband

    5. French beauty

    Opt for something romantic and elegant with a pretty French twist

    6. Simply veiled

    Wear your hair loose and simple, with a charming full-length veil.

    row 3

    7. Hippy vibe

    Adorn your long loose waves with a hippy chain hair accessory – great for boho brides, festival brides, or brides embracing a Moroccan theme

    8. Classic bride

    Opt for a neat chignon, something simple and chic

    9. Au natural

    Use your favourite hair products to enhance your locks and add volume.

    row 4

    10. Half up, half down

    Tie your hair away from your face and add lots of volume for a dramatic and stunning half up, half down look.

    11. Ballerina bun

    Add a pretty touch to your neat bun with a thick braid.

    12. Modern twist

    Add an elegant touch to your ponytail with stylish twists.

    row 5

    13. A feminine touch

    Get in touch with your girly side with the charming fishtail plait. Adorn with a headband or flowers.

    14. Totally chic

    Scrape your hair back into a pretty, voluminous chic bun

    15. Braided crown

    Embrace your inner hippy with a full braid look.

    row 6

    16. Simply unique

    Opt for something different with this beautiful French braid and bun combo.

    17. A touch of class

    Combining elegance with class and glamour, this is the perfect up-do for a super-chic wedding.

    18. Perfect pony

    Add a touch of pretty to your ponytail with perfect curls and a bit of height.

    row 7

    19. Braided beauty

    This romantic messy bun is wedding-ready with its pretty braids and tight curls.

    20. Loose tendrils

    Soften your up-do with face framing curls.

    21. Vintage vixen

    Embrace the vintage look with a chic birdcage veil.

    22. Garden charm

    Adorn your loose and messy up-do with garden flowers for the ultimate boho look.

    23. Simply pretty

    Wear your bun loose and low for a pretty and romantic look

    24. The finishing touch

    Add interest to your wedding hair with a waterfall braid or twist.

    25. Homespun charm

    Opt for the beautiful girl-next-door look with a classic half up, half down hairstyle.

    How will you be wearing your hair on your big-day? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter. If you’re still not sure, why not get some inspiration from the Paper Bliss team over on Pinterest


  • The Essential Planning Checklist

    Planning your big-day can be a little overwhelming. With what seems like 1001 things to do, getting on top of it all can be a headache. Of course, the key to wedding planning success is creating a checklist of priorities and keeping to it. By concentrating on each area, one at a time, and checking it off as you go, you’ll feel much more in control of the process.  Remember, it’s much more satisfying to have organised five things properly, instead of having half-organised 10 things!

    With this in mind, we’ve created our very own wedding planning checklist, based on a typical 12-month planning period, giving you a handy timeline of all the things you need to do…

    12 months before

    • Decide upon a wedding date
    • Decide on your budget and create a spreadsheet to remain on top of it!
    • If you’re getting married in church, begin making arrangements with your local minister
    • Take out wedding insurance
    • Decide on the number of guests – this will impact your budget and venue choices
    • Book the wedding venue / reception
    • Book the photographer – these get booked up quickly!
    • Pop the question to your bridesmaids and groomsmen
    • Start looking for your wedding dress


    9 months before

    • Book your musicians, band and/or DJ for the wedding reception
    • Book the caterers and attend a food tasting to help you decide on your menu
    • Book the wedding transport
    • Book the florist
    • Think about booking the honeymoon (6-9 months before)
    • Order the wedding cake
    • Book an overnight stay in a hotel room/honeymoon suite
    • Order stationery from Paper Bliss
    • Send out Save the Date cards. It’s also wise to include local accommodation information with the Save the Date cards as this tends to get booked up quickly.


    6 months before

    • Attend initial fitting for the wedding dress (4-6 months before)
    • Choose your wedding shoes and accessories
    • Choose the wedding attire for the groom, best man, bridesmaids, fathers, mothers and ushers
    • Choose the wedding rings
    • Book a hair and make-up trial
    • Select your wedding readings
    • Organise your wedding initiations and order of service booklets


    3 months before

    • Finalise payment for your marriage licence from the registrar
    • Send out the wedding invitations
    • Decide upon your wedding gift list and make it available to all your wedding guests (Usually sent out with invite)
    • Confirm your ceremony details with either the registrar or the minister
    • Order wedding favours
    • Decide upon your chosen wedding music or hymns
    • Buy gifts for the best man, ushers and bridesmaids
    • Discuss the seating plan with the caterer and venue
    • Plan your hen and stag party - aim to hold it 4-6 weeks before your wedding


    1 month before

    • Arrange for a final fitting of your wedding dress and any amendments as necessary
    • Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the reception venue
    • Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with all suppliers
    • Finalise the seating plan with the caterer and venue
    • Create a proposed timeline for your day – this can usually be done with the help of your wedding venue
    • Write official seat placement cards, table plan and names/numbers
    • Arrange a date for a wedding rehearsal, if required.
    • Chase up guests who have not yet responded to your invitation
    • Begin thinking about / writing the wedding speeches. This applies to the groom, best man and father of the bride.


    7 days before

    • Pop on your out of office ahead of your break away – whoopee!
    • Have the wedding rehearsal
    • Pack for your honeymoon
    • Reconfirm final guest numbers and amend seating plan if necessary
    • Organise with a close friend to have an emergency wedding kit, just for the bride, containing makeup and a repair kit for the wedding dress. This way you can be sure you’ll be ready should any minor hiccups occur through the day.
    • Give your order of service sheets to the minister
    • Order your foreign currency
    • Give the rings to the best man
    • Give the best man a list of all the wedding suppliers involved in your wedding day, in case they need to be contacted


    The day before

    • Help decorate the venue if there are no other weddings on that day and / or drop off the final bits like place names, table plan and favours
    • Ensure passports / luggage are at your hotel to leave for your honeymoon – if you’re planning on leaving right away
    • Sort out all those last minute beauty needs – like a manicure and pedicure
    • Have an early night and try to get some sleep
    • Relax!


    After the wedding

    • Arrange for friends and family to help clear up / collect personal belongings the morning after the big-day
    • Pre-plan for one of the wedding party to return any hired items on your behalf
    • Write and send thank-you notes for all the family and friends who sent gifts, and the wedding suppliers who’ve been extra helpful.

    What have you loved most about the planning process so far? Let us know your wedding planning favourites over on Facebook or Twitter!

  • The A-Z of weddings

    Get to grips with wedding planning with our A-Z guide…

    A is for Advice – Accept all the advice you can get when it comes to your wedding day. Planning a wedding can feel a little overwhelming at first, but remember you have family, friends and suppliers that are all willing to help you plan your perfect day.

    B is for Bridesmaids – Celebrate your day with your best girl pals who’ve been there for you through every single bridezilla moment.

    C is for Cake – Will you go for the classic fruit cake or a something ultra modern – like lemon drizzle or red velvet? Or perhaps you’ll serve up a delicious jam and cream feast with a naked cake…

    D is for Dress – From the pretty princess gown to the modern wonder of a highly embellished 3D wedding dress – there’s plenty of choice out there for every taste. In fact, you needn’t even stick to white anymore with 2016’s trend for ombré and watercolour gowns.

    E is for Emergency Kit – Remember to get one of these packed the night before the big-day. Pop in painkillers, indigestion tablets, dental floss, a mini repair kit for your dress, and those essential make-up items just in case you need a top up!

    F is for Flowers – Whether faux or fresh, flowers are an iconic part of your wedding day. If you’re going fresh, don’t forget to choose flowers that are in season. Other fantastic alternatives include button bouquets, brooch bouquets and paper bouquets.

    G is for Groom – Make sure your groom takes on some of the responsibilities too. Just some of the things he can do include arranging the transport, planning the honeymoon, and looking after the rings.

    H is for Honeymoon – Pop your feet up and relax. Your honeymoon is all about taking some time out together to celebrate being Mr and Mrs while enjoying a trip of a lifetime.

    I is for Informal Dining – The wedding breakfast is no longer all about the three or four-course meal. From hog roasts and barbecues, to stone baked pizzas and street food feasts, there are plenty of fantastic informal alternatives.

    J is for Jewellery – Don’t forget the finishing touches to your gown.

    K is for Kids, your littlest guests – Kids are perhaps one of the most debated topics when it comes to weddings. Should you invite them or not? Whatever you choose, make sure you’re clear and open about your decision right from the start.


    L is for Location – Finding the right backdrop for your celebration is key to creating the perfect atmosphere – so research thoroughly and choose carefully!

    M is for Music – Set the scene for your perfect day with carefully thought out entrance and exit music. You’ll also need two or three songs for the signing of the register.

    N is for Nuptials – The moment you’ve been waiting and planning for all this time.

    O is Ombré – Keep your wedding styling on-trend with a touch of ombré. From ombré detailed bouquet ribbons and wedding cakes to watercolour table runners, there are plenty of beautiful ways to incorporate this trend.

    P is for Photography – If there’s one element we recommend splashing out on it’s your wedding photography. Providing one of the only eternal memories you’ll have of the day, your wedding photographs will be a wonderful visual reminder of one of the most important days of your life.

    Q is for Quirky – Don’t be afraid to show off your personalities by adding a few personal touches to your day – the quirkier the better!

    R is for Rustic – Hot for 2016, the rustic trend is still going strong. Think earthy colour palettes, wooden and hessian textures, woodland animal features and a barn wedding venue.

    S is for Stationery – Wow your guests with stationery that gives them a sneak peak into what to expect from your day. Keep the theme consistent – from your save the dates to your table plan.

    T is for Thanks – Don’t forget to send a card of thanks to all your wedding guests. It’s also tradition to present gifts to the key members of the wedding party, along with your parents, on the big-day.

    U is for Ushers – Keep your ushers in check with pocket-sized timetables and duties for the day.

    V is for Videography – Relive your special day with a carefully edited video of all the best bits.

    W is for Wedamin – From budgeting, to pinning on Pinterest, and chasing up suppliers, make wedding planning fun – not a chore.

    X is for Xtras – So, we might have cheated a little there, but those little extras are most certainly worth a mention. Favours, sparkler send offs, and a dessert table are just some of the popular extras you might want to consider.


    Y is for Yippee! – The moment you can relax once all the formalities are over. Bring on the Pimms and the wedding food!

    Z is for Zzzz – Remember it’s important to get some good quality kip in the days running up to your big-day - no matter how stressed you might be or how much you think you have to do. Prioritise sleep – a refreshed and happy bride is all that matters!

    What wedding elements are you most excited about and why? Tell us what you’re loving most about wedding planning over on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Welcome to Paperbliss


    Welcome Lifestyle NEW

    Are you keen to add a personal touch to your big-day celebrations? Paperbliss allow you to do just that, offering a wide variety of luxury components for you to create and print your own unique wedding invitations. Wedding DIY has never looked so good!

    At Paperbliss we provide you with just about everything you need to make a stunning set of invitations, ensuring the whole process is easy. What’s more, we focus on quality. We know just how special your wedding day is, which is why our homemade products can look just as good – if not better – than the luxury ready-made stationery you might find elsewhere.

    What we do

    Essentially, Paperbliss is the home to luxury, blank components, which you can use to create pocket fold invitations. With this blank canvas you’ll be able to make invitations of your own design, theming your invites to your special day. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also find a whole host of embellishments to purchase on our site – adding that extra touch of luxe to your day. From chic belly bands, which neatly secure your invitations and RSVPs together, to pretty ribbons, that add that fabulous finishing touch.

    Welcome Lifestyle shot4 NEW

    Why get personal?

    Over recent years we’ve seen a move away from the traditional wedding as couples embrace their personalities and infuse it into their special day. From signature cocktails, designed especially for the day, to unique and fun reception activities – such as cupcake decorating stations and a balloon release, the more personal the wedding the better!

    Of course, designing your own invitations, as opposed to selecting an abstract ready-made design, is just another way to set the tone for your personalised day.

    Welcome Lifestyle shot NEW

    What’s to come?

    You’ll not only find a whole range of new products coming to Paperbliss very soon – including more types of invitation and embellishments; you’ll also be treated to fab wedding content on our brand new blog.

    From advice on wedding themes, to top fashion and beauty, and lots of DIY wedding ideas – the Paperbliss blog will cover all your wedding needs. Just some of the exciting topics coming your way soon include:

    ●  The A-Z of DIY weddings

    ●  Your essential planning checklist

    ●  Create your own DIY photo booth

    ●  And much, much more!

    We hope you’re as excited as we are!

    Have you got anything else you’d like to see covered on our blog? If so, let us know over on our Facebook or Twitter page and we’ll make sure we get it covered!





  • DIY Project: Make your own photo booth

    Looking for a fun yet affordable way to keep your guests entertained during your wedding reception? Why not get creative with a bit of wedding DIY and design your own photo booth? Super simple to make and extremely budget friendly, it’s one of our favourite trends to hit the UK wedding scene.

    Step one - Source all your props

    First things first, source a handful of fun props by shopping eBay, charity shops, pound shops and party shops. You might also like to theme your props to your day. For example, if you’ve opted for a Gatsby styled day, throw in some feathered headpieces, 20’s hats, pearl jewellery and feather boas to complement your day. Once you’ve collected a range of props, pop them in a box, or an old suitcase, that will be easily accessible to your guests.

    Step two - Create your own backdrop

    Take your photo booth from naff to fab with the addition of a simple backdrop. We’re not saying you have to get too fancy, something like sequin fabric hung on the wall, or an origami paper crane backdrop will work just fine. Colourful bunting, pom poms and pinwheels, which can all be hung on the wall behind you, are other design ideas you might like to consider.

    Step three - Set up your photo booth in the perfect location

    Once you’ve created your own photo booth, there’s still something very important to consider – where to put it. Photo booths can be set up inside or outside your venue but you need to choose somewhere that’s easily accessible and comfortable for all your guests. There may be a separate room that can be used for your photo booth - but be careful of separating your guests from the rest of the party and make sure it is well signposted.

    Step four - Get a family friend or photographer to get snapping

    As most photographers only stay until the first dance, you might want to make sure guests can have fun in your photo booth from the start of your drinks reception. This means your photographer will be able to capture some great shots throughout the afternoon. Alternatively, you could hire your photographer for an extra hour or two into the evening with the sole duty of photo booth photography.

    How would you style your photo booth? We’d love to hear your ideas! Tell us over on Facebook or Twitter.



  • How to pick the perfect wedding theme

    Picking your wedding theme might just be the trickiest thing you’ll have to decide upon when styling and designing your own wedding. Do you stick with your favourite hobby, or opt for something on-trend, such as boho style? And what about colours? Is a colour palette a theme in its own right, or does it need to be combined with an overarching theme and style? If, like many brides, you’re having a little difficulty deciding on the ins and outs of your wedding theme, don’t panic just yet… Paper Bliss is here to help!

    First things first

    A wedding theme can be something as simple as your favourite colour, or selection of colours; a certain style, for example boho or vintage; or simply something you both love, such as travel.

    You don’t need to worry about incorporating all three, just pick one thing to focus on and go from there. But if you do love both vintage style and travel, why not combine the two for a unique vintage traveller wedding theme?

    Themes 2

    Making your final decision

    Difficulties often begin to emerge when couples want to incorporate their love of many things – often resulting in a disjointed and messy look. Instead, keep things simple by prioritising one thing and creating a really strong look for it – continuity is key. We promise you, your décor will look much better for it.

    A few tips for colour-themed weddings

    While we’ve suggested you pick the style or colour you love most, it’s also important to consider your setting and your wedding party. If you’ve got a stately home filled with reds, golds and browns, a romantic pink palette is probably not the best choice for your big-day. Likewise, will your choice of colour suit your wedding party, or is it likely to clash with skin tones and hair colour? Also, what about wedding flowers? Are they readily available in your colour choice during the time of year you plan on getting married? These are just a few of the things you might want to think about.

    Be inspired by Pinterest

    Themes 1

    Once you’ve decided upon your theme or colour scheme, create a mood board full of exciting and unique ideas on Pinterest. You’re sure to find plenty of things that further define your style and help you plan the finer elements of your day. We’ll be updating our Pinterest page with lots of inspiration - so it may well be a good place to start.

    Good luck!

    What theme have you chosen for your special day and why? Share your inspiration behind your big-day look with us over on Facebook and Twitter

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