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  • Top 10 entertainment ideas for your big-day

    Rock your party with first-class entertainment sure to impress. Whether you’ve got big bucks saved for your day, or your wedding budget is relatively modest, there are plenty of ways to entertain and occupy your guests on your special day. From garden games for adults and your littlest guests, to something more extravagant and spectacular – like the firework finale, we’ve got entertainment ideas for every taste…


     1. Live music

    Live music is great for creating an atmosphere. You could opt for a live four-piece band to really get the evening party started, or something more subdued, such a guitarist and vocalist – great for the early evening and your drinks reception. A solo artist will usually be more affordable too – meaning you can enjoy live music without the hefty costs.

    2. DJ

    The classic option for many couples is the wedding DJ. The great thing about many of today’s DJs is their experience. They have a knack of playing the right songs at the right time and know exactly what tunes to put on to get everyone going. Hiring a DJ avoids the headache of putting together your own playlist and also ensures a range of songs suited to all your guests.

    3. Photo booth

    Photo booths are great for providing hours of entertainment. We never get bored of having a selfie or three, and can assure you your guests won’t either! While traditionally quite pricey, many couples are now beginning to DIY their own photo booths. In fact, a fairly stylish booth with a DIY backdrop and props usually comes in at under £100. For more tips on creating your own, why not read our DIY Photo Booth blog?


    4. Magician

    Wow your guests with a close-up magician. While you may not have previously considered hiring one, they’re actually a great way to get your guests mingling. Ideal for the drinks reception, or between wedding breakfast courses, it will certainly be something talked about in months to come.

    5. Vegas-style casino

    Whether Vegas holds special memories for the both of you, or you simply love the fun and flair of a casino, it’s a great entertainment idea to keep your guests amused. Hire out a variety of slot tables and complement with a cocktail and whisky bar for the ultimate Vegas affair.

    6. Garden games

    If you’re looking for something to keep both the kids and adults entertained, look no further than garden games. Whether you plan on getting competitive with boys vs. girls, or you just want to take advantage of some outdoor fun, there are plenty of options when it comes to games. From tug of war to giant Jenga, or something more relaxing like croquet on the lawn – choose a selection of games to complement the theme and atmosphere of your day.


    7. Singing waiters

    While this may not be the most common form of wedding entertainment it’s certainly one that will amuse guests young and old. Dressed to impress, the vocalists will serve up food and drink favourites whilst performing a selection of popular songs. The charming tones of the barbershop-style singing waiters is sure to add a touch of class to your special day - and ideal for both drink receptions and wedding breakfasts.

    8. DIY dessert station

    Let your guests get creative with a delicious DIY dessert station. You can choose any dessert your heart desires but we personally recommend something like cupcakes, pancakes or s’mores. At a cupcake DIY station you’ll typically provide guests with freshly baked cupcakes for them to decorate themselves. Offer a range of icings, sprinkles and toppings to allow them to create the cupcake of their dreams. Pancake bars are a great summer option, as guests create their very own topping concoctions; while s’mores bars are great come winter, accompanied by a huge outdoor firepit.

    9. Fireworks

    If your budget and venue allows for fireworks you’ll be able to create the ultimate closing spectacle as you fill the sky with colour. If a firework display isn’t possible for you, why not consider a sparkler send-off?  It’s a much cheaper alternative and makes for fantastic wedding shots.

    10. Dance-off

    For those looking for entertainment that won’t break the bank, why not rope some of your friends into having a dance-off? Even if getting up and dancing like a wild child in front of all your guests terrifies you, you’ll probably have some friends and family members willing to be the star of the show. Guaranteed to be a giggle and offer some comedy memories of your day, it’s a simple but highly entertaining option for most couples.

    How do you plan to entertain your guests on your wedding day? We’d love to know! Share your perfect party entertainment with us over on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Drinks 101: Cocktails

    Your drinks menu is just as important as your wedding food. It has the potential to complement the season and the theme of your day, helping create that all-important atmosphere. While Pimms may be the most popular post-ceremony cocktail among today’s brides and grooms, there are plenty of other classic combos you could consider.

    Drinks header

    ● Limoncello-Mint Champagne

    Ideal for Tuscan-inspired affairs, and wedding celebrated in spring and summer, this zesty cocktail is a sure party starter.

    ● Cosmopolitan

    For a chic touch, why not opt for the classy cosmopolitan? One thing we love about this cocktail is the option to change up the fruits to make it seasonal.Blueberry

    ● Mojito

    A great twist on the classic. The mojito is loved by most and is a great option for a refreshing reception drink. The addition of blueberries adds a unique touch to the cocktail – and can also work as your “something blue”!

    Personalising your cocktail

    If you’re looking for unique ways to personalise your day, creating your own Mr and Mrs cocktail is a great place to start. While this might sound a little daunting to the least experienced mixologists of you, you needn’t worry – we’ve got all you need to whizz up the cocktail of your dreams.

    1. Decide on the types of liquor you enjoy

    This starting point is an excellent way to whittle down the many options you have. Once you’ve decided on two or three liquors you both like, think about which mixers you typically enjoy mixing them with.

    2. Get mixing

    The only way you’re really going to get a taster for your tipple is by trying it out yourself. As you’ll have limited yourself to just a few liquors, and consequently a few combinations, this shouldn’t cost you too much. Remember to use equal parts of sweet and sour and alcoholic / non-alcoholic components. It’s also best to shake drinks containing juice and stir drinks that are made purely from alcohol.

    3. Make it pretty

    From fruits to edible glitter and pretty straws – anything goes.

    4. Add a signature name

    After all, it is your creation!

    You can get inspiration for some fabulous cocktail combinations here.

    Other ways to add a unique touch to your cocktails include


    ● Edible flowers

    Add some wedding pretty to your tipple by topping it with a colourful edible flower.

    ● Mason jar glasses

    For the school fete or festival touch, why not serve up your cocktail in a mason jar with straw?

    ● Sparkly stirrers

    Great for glam occasions or Christmas or New Year’s wedding celebrations, a sparkly pom pom topped stirrer is sure to get your guests talking!

    What would be your signature cocktail on your wedding day? Share your favourite tipple mixes with us over on Facebook or Twitter

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