10 Hacks for Saving Money on Your Wedding


Wedding Hacks

Worried about how much your dream wedding will set you back? With the average wedding now costing couples upwards of £25,000, it’s no surprise you’re feeling the pressure.

But wait! Before you panic and empty out the savings account, take a look at these 10 awesome hacks for saving money on your wedding, without skimping on quality.

1 - Choose Your Dates Wisely

Late summer through to autumn are the peak months for wedding bookings. With all the competition, venue prices skyrocket between August and September - why not opt for a fresh springtime wedding instead? Choose a more offbeat date for your big day and save money in the process.

2 - Negotiate with Everyone

When hiring professional services for your wedding day, you call the shots. Many venues and suppliers will hear the word ‘wedding’ and ramp up their prices accordingly. Don’t be afraid to bargain for a lower price, and if they won’t meet your budget, take your money elsewhere - it’s YOUR big day after all!

3 - Consider A Second-Hand Dress

The dress is of course an essential part of the day, but new wedding dresses can set you back thousands. Why not opt for a less costly alternative and browse for a second-hand frock? You’ll pinch the pennies and have your choice of some stunning vintage gowns too.

Wedding Dresses - Pre Loved

4 - DIY Invitations

Instead of forking out hundreds for a stack of elaborate readymade invitations, add your own personal touch by creating them yourself. Paperbliss is the perfect way to combine classic wedding invite design with your own unique style.

5 - Shop Around for Rings

It’s easy to overspend on wedding rings. Rather than going straight to your high street jewellery chain consider cheaper options. Second-hand jewellers and antique shops are treasure troves for discovering beautiful and unique wedding bands that won’t cost the earth and will look just as fabulous.

Wedding Rings

6 - Go Easy on the Flowers

After the wedding is over, fresh flowers will wilt and become unusable, and yet they’re one of the most expensive parts of a traditional wedding. Rather than ordering elaborate bouquets, opt for smaller bunches of wildflowers or potted plants for a cosy, bohemian vibe to your big day.

7 - Borrow What You Can

Every bride needs something borrowed! Save money and reduce stress by asking around for extra accessories. Maybe your Gran has a hairband from her wedding day she can lend you, or get your friends to lend you cufflinks, shoes and jewellery. You’ll look just as fab and you’ll be watching the pennies!

8 - Get Your Friends Involved

Everyone loves a good wedding. Ditch the professional help where you can and ask your friends to step in instead. Got a mate who’s great with a camera? Photographer sorted! And everyone has that one friend who’s amazing at makeup - ask her to help you look your best on the big day.

9 - Opt for A Low-Key Reception Venue

Rather than hiring out an enormous hotel, opt for a more personal, low key wedding venue and save yourself thousands in the process. If the weather’s fine, enjoy a simple marquee in a meadow; or book out your favourite pub for a fun and informal gathering.

10 - Have A Buffet Banquet

Your guests will need to be fed; but instead of soaking up the booze with a fancy three course meal, why not have a buffet instead? It’s a cheaper, party-friendly alternative and doesn’t require an expensive catering team to pull off.

There are tons of ways to ensure you have the best time on your big day, without breaking the bank. Cut the costs and enjoy yourself - anything you save can be put towards your new lives together. Enjoy!