How to Create a beautiful bow!

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Here's a quick tutorial on how to create a beautiful bow, you can have your pocketfolds looking even more fabulous in minutes!

You will need:

- Belly Band (with a strip of double sided sticky tape on one side)
- Pocketfold
- 4 Pieces of Ribbon, cut shorter than each other and with a strip of double sided sticky tape on one side  (see picture below)
- Double Sided Sticky Tape
- Scissors


Step 1: Lay the pocketfold facing down, and stick down the belly band, as seen in step 2.

Step 2: Take the longest piece of ribbon and wrap around the belly band.


Step 3: Take the other end of the ribbon and stick it down as seem in step 4.


Step 5: Create loops with the other bigger pieces of ribbon and place a square of double sided sticky tape in the middle of each loop of ribbon.

Step 6: Stick down the center of each "loop" of ribbon to create a effect bow, then with the smallest piece of ribbon fold it around the smaller loop, as seem in step 6.


Step 7: Put a strip of double sided sticky tape on the back of each "bow."

Step 8: Stick down the bigger bow onto the Pocketfold and then stick down the smaller "bow" on top of that.


You should end up with something like this!

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