The 10 commandments: Our top bridesmaid duties

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Being a bridesmaid is fun – and a real honour, but it’s important to remember that there’s more to a bridesmaid than just a name. Taking the role seriously, and remembering the real reason you’ve been given a special part in your friend’s wedding day, is key to a bridesmaid’s success. To give you a helping hand, we’ve listed the top 10 duties for a modern-day bridesmaid, ensuring you’ll be helping create the best wedding ever!

  1. Be a true friend

Being a bridesmaid goes beyond the traditional duties. The core of being a good bridesmaid comes down to being a good friend. True friends are honest, supportive and caring, no matter what. They listen to their best friends vent, they offer honest advice about bad outfit choices, and are a voice of reason in times of doubt.

  1. Remain patient

Watching one of your besties try on another 20 wedding dresses for the third consecutive weekend in a row might not be the highlight of your bridesmaid duties, but it’s something you should accept as part of the role. With the stresses of a wedding day, brides can become confused and indecisive, meaning everything from big-day themes and venues change on a weekly basis. The key thing here is to remain patient and offer your support – which will usually just be listening when she needs it most.

  1. Be a team player

As a bridesmaid you’re part of a team. Create a positive, inspiring environment for the wedding party, rather than trying to lead the pack or fight for the best bridesmaid crown. A bride already faces enough stress, without her so-called little helpers adding to her worries. Work together, try and diffuse any negativity, and always remember your bride’s wants and wishes.

  1. Be the perfect shopping buddy

Make wedding dress shopping even more exciting than your bride could’ve ever imagined, and make bridesmaid gown shopping even simpler than she’d have ever expected. Offer words of wisdom, be truthful but tactful, and offer to help research if your bride is struggling to find something she likes. When it comes to your dress, do voice your opinion – but try to be constructive, not critical. Be willing to meet your bride halfway – just like you’d expect her to if it were your day.

  1. Pitch in with the wedding DIY

Not all bridesmaid tasks are glamorous – and while wedding DIY might be right up your street, playing with glue guns isn’t necessarily fun for all. Even if you’re not a crafty queen, be willing to help out with the not-so-fun jobs too. If you don’t think you’ll be able to help out much on the creative front, offer support in other ways, by making cups of tea or creating a positive atmosphere.

  1. Plan an amazing hen party

One of the key memories a bride has of her wedding is her hen do. It’s a lovely way of marking the end of an era and celebrating the start of a new one; but getting it right can be tricky. When planning the special weekend of events, bear in mind what the bride would like to do – not your personal preferences. Also keep in mind what others would enjoy and can afford. The key is to keep it personal, rather than just another night out – so throw in all those thoughtful touches to ensure she feels extra special.

  1. Go the extra mile

Being a bridesmaid isn’t just about helping out with the pre-wedding tasks, scouting out outfits for the day, and running last-minute errands. It’s about going above and beyond what’s expected of you to make your friend’s wedding the best day ever. Decorate the honeymoon suite as a special surprise and put together a special breakfast for you all to enjoy on the morning of the wedding. While simple, these little touches will go down a real treat.

  1. Take charge behind the scenes

Being on top form on the big-day itself is a huge part of your role – and there's a lot you can do to help. From making sure the bridesmaids' dresses are in order, to collecting all the final bits on the morning of the wedding. While these things may seem small, they’re key to making sure the whole day goes smoothly.

  1. Carry that all-essential bridal kit

Be prepared for every eventuality with a homemade bridal kit. Leave in the honeymoon suite, or in a little box at the venue and fill with the following:

  • Painkillers
  • Plasters
  • Chalk – for smudges on the dress
  • Hair accessories
  • Dental floss
  • Make-up
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Handheld mirror
  • Safety pins
  • Tissues
  • Easy-to-carry snacks

Get the party started!

As a bridesmaid, you’ve got to be the hostess with the mostess, making all the wedding guests feel welcomed and in the mood to celebrate. Make the transition from day to night easy by being the first to join the bride and groom on the dance floor – grabbing a few friends to come along with you! Keep the atmosphere alive and buzzing, while making sure your bride has an amazing time.

What extra special things have you arranged to make sure you’re the best bridesmaids ever? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!

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