Drinks 101: Cocktails

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Your drinks menu is just as important as your wedding food. It has the potential to complement the season and the theme of your day, helping create that all-important atmosphere. While Pimms may be the most popular post-ceremony cocktail among today’s brides and grooms, there are plenty of other classic combos you could consider.

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● Limoncello-Mint Champagne

Ideal for Tuscan-inspired affairs, and wedding celebrated in spring and summer, this zesty cocktail is a sure party starter.

● Cosmopolitan

For a chic touch, why not opt for the classy cosmopolitan? One thing we love about this cocktail is the option to change up the fruits to make it seasonal.Blueberry

● Mojito

A great twist on the classic. The mojito is loved by most and is a great option for a refreshing reception drink. The addition of blueberries adds a unique touch to the cocktail – and can also work as your “something blue”!

Personalising your cocktail

If you’re looking for unique ways to personalise your day, creating your own Mr and Mrs cocktail is a great place to start. While this might sound a little daunting to the least experienced mixologists of you, you needn’t worry – we’ve got all you need to whizz up the cocktail of your dreams.

1. Decide on the types of liquor you enjoy

This starting point is an excellent way to whittle down the many options you have. Once you’ve decided on two or three liquors you both like, think about which mixers you typically enjoy mixing them with.

2. Get mixing

The only way you’re really going to get a taster for your tipple is by trying it out yourself. As you’ll have limited yourself to just a few liquors, and consequently a few combinations, this shouldn’t cost you too much. Remember to use equal parts of sweet and sour and alcoholic / non-alcoholic components. It’s also best to shake drinks containing juice and stir drinks that are made purely from alcohol.

3. Make it pretty

From fruits to edible glitter and pretty straws – anything goes.

4. Add a signature name

After all, it is your creation!

You can get inspiration for some fabulous cocktail combinations here.

Other ways to add a unique touch to your cocktails include


● Edible flowers

Add some wedding pretty to your tipple by topping it with a colourful edible flower.

● Mason jar glasses

For the school fete or festival touch, why not serve up your cocktail in a mason jar with straw?

● Sparkly stirrers

Great for glam occasions or Christmas or New Year’s wedding celebrations, a sparkly pom pom topped stirrer is sure to get your guests talking!

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