How to pick the perfect wedding theme


Picking your wedding theme might just be the trickiest thing you’ll have to decide upon when styling and designing your own wedding. Do you stick with your favourite hobby, or opt for something on-trend, such as boho style? And what about colours? Is a colour palette a theme in its own right, or does it need to be combined with an overarching theme and style? If, like many brides, you’re having a little difficulty deciding on the ins and outs of your wedding theme, don’t panic just yet… Paper Bliss is here to help!

First things first

A wedding theme can be something as simple as your favourite colour, or selection of colours; a certain style, for example boho or vintage; or simply something you both love, such as travel.

You don’t need to worry about incorporating all three, just pick one thing to focus on and go from there. But if you do love both vintage style and travel, why not combine the two for a unique vintage traveller wedding theme?

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Making your final decision

Difficulties often begin to emerge when couples want to incorporate their love of many things – often resulting in a disjointed and messy look. Instead, keep things simple by prioritising one thing and creating a really strong look for it – continuity is key. We promise you, your décor will look much better for it.

A few tips for colour-themed weddings

While we’ve suggested you pick the style or colour you love most, it’s also important to consider your setting and your wedding party. If you’ve got a stately home filled with reds, golds and browns, a romantic pink palette is probably not the best choice for your big-day. Likewise, will your choice of colour suit your wedding party, or is it likely to clash with skin tones and hair colour? Also, what about wedding flowers? Are they readily available in your colour choice during the time of year you plan on getting married? These are just a few of the things you might want to think about.

Be inspired by Pinterest

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Once you’ve decided upon your theme or colour scheme, create a mood board full of exciting and unique ideas on Pinterest. You’re sure to find plenty of things that further define your style and help you plan the finer elements of your day. We’ll be updating our Pinterest page with lots of inspiration - so it may well be a good place to start.

Good luck!

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