• 10 Hacks for Saving Money on Your Wedding

    Wedding Hacks

    Worried about how much your dream wedding will set you back? With the average wedding now costing couples upwards of £25,000, it’s no surprise you’re feeling the pressure.

    But wait! Before you panic and empty out the savings account, take a look at these 10 awesome hacks for saving money on your wedding, without skimping on quality.

    1 - Choose Your Dates Wisely

    Late summer through to autumn are the peak months for wedding bookings. With all the competition, venue prices skyrocket between August and September - why not opt for a fresh springtime wedding instead? Choose a more offbeat date for your big day and save money in the process.

    2 - Negotiate with Everyone

    When hiring professional services for your wedding day, you call the shots. Many venues and suppliers will hear the word ‘wedding’ and ramp up their prices accordingly. Don’t be afraid to bargain for a lower price, and if they won’t meet your budget, take your money elsewhere - it’s YOUR big day after all!

    3 - Consider A Second-Hand Dress

    The dress is of course an essential part of the day, but new wedding dresses can set you back thousands. Why not opt for a less costly alternative and browse for a second-hand frock? You’ll pinch the pennies and have your choice of some stunning vintage gowns too.

    Wedding Dresses - Pre Loved

    4 - DIY Invitations

    Instead of forking out hundreds for a stack of elaborate readymade invitations, add your own personal touch by creating them yourself. Paperbliss is the perfect way to combine classic wedding invite design with your own unique style.

    5 - Shop Around for Rings

    It’s easy to overspend on wedding rings. Rather than going straight to your high street jewellery chain consider cheaper options. Second-hand jewellers and antique shops are treasure troves for discovering beautiful and unique wedding bands that won’t cost the earth and will look just as fabulous.

    Wedding Rings

    6 - Go Easy on the Flowers

    After the wedding is over, fresh flowers will wilt and become unusable, and yet they’re one of the most expensive parts of a traditional wedding. Rather than ordering elaborate bouquets, opt for smaller bunches of wildflowers or potted plants for a cosy, bohemian vibe to your big day.

    7 - Borrow What You Can

    Every bride needs something borrowed! Save money and reduce stress by asking around for extra accessories. Maybe your Gran has a hairband from her wedding day she can lend you, or get your friends to lend you cufflinks, shoes and jewellery. You’ll look just as fab and you’ll be watching the pennies!

    8 - Get Your Friends Involved

    Everyone loves a good wedding. Ditch the professional help where you can and ask your friends to step in instead. Got a mate who’s great with a camera? Photographer sorted! And everyone has that one friend who’s amazing at makeup - ask her to help you look your best on the big day.

    9 - Opt for A Low-Key Reception Venue

    Rather than hiring out an enormous hotel, opt for a more personal, low key wedding venue and save yourself thousands in the process. If the weather’s fine, enjoy a simple marquee in a meadow; or book out your favourite pub for a fun and informal gathering.

    10 - Have A Buffet Banquet

    Your guests will need to be fed; but instead of soaking up the booze with a fancy three course meal, why not have a buffet instead? It’s a cheaper, party-friendly alternative and doesn’t require an expensive catering team to pull off.

    There are tons of ways to ensure you have the best time on your big day, without breaking the bank. Cut the costs and enjoy yourself - anything you save can be put towards your new lives together. Enjoy!

  • Why it pays to DIY at your wedding

    When it comes to DIY weddings many couples will opt for them simply because they want to save themselves some money. DIY weddings are one of the most cost effective ways to say I do, however, that isn’t the only reason why a DIY wedding might be the ideal choice for you. Let us run through some of the reasons why it pays to DIY at your wedding.

    You can make your wedding hugely personal
    There is nothing better than having a personal wedding that is the perfect reflection of you as a couple. Buying things from store or asking for the venue or wedding planner to put things together means that it may not be quite as personal as you hope. DIY, in comparison means that you can take charge of all things related to your wedding and make sure that it is exactly what you want it to be.

    It can give an incredibly relaxed vibe
    Whilst some people may like the idea of a formal wedding, there are also plenty of people who are going to enjoy a relaxed and informal wedding too. Taking a DIY approach on your wedding day is going to give you an incredibly relaxed vibe, which your guests are going to love just as much as you will.

    You can be creative
    Even if you don’t think of yourself as hugely creative, organising a wedding is going to bring out a creative side that you may not have realised that you had. You are going to need to think outside the box and come up with ideas that need some careful consideration. In the end you may surprise yourself by what you can come up with.

    You can do it together
    Wedding planning can be stressful and many couples find that rather than enjoying the process and it bringing them together, that they can squabble instead. Another great benefit to DIY weddings is that you can do it together. You can make the big decisions together, you can try your hand at crafty bits together and of course you can sit down together and talk about the ways that you can DIY.

    It saves you money
    One of the biggest positives about DIY at your wedding is that it saves you money. You can think about the areas that you don’t mind doing a bit of DIY and saving cash, then put this alongside the areas that you are happy to pay out for, such as your wedding dress, creating the perfect balance for your big day.
    As you can see, there are a number of reasons why it may pay to DIY at your wedding. Why not try some of the amazing DIY ideas that you can find online and see if you can save yourself some cash as well as have a wedding to remember?

  • Pocketfold Inspiration #4



    This Lavender design was created using our Gatefold Pocketfold in Heart Silver with Purple Heart Backing Mat and Belly Band. Accompanied by a White Text Mat and Insert.

    How do you plan to design your wedding invitations? We’d love to know! Share your perfect designs with us over on Facebook or Twitter.



  • Pocketfold Inspiration #3


    Hearts Wedding invitation


    This Hearts design was created using our Square Pocketfold in Recycled Ivory with Candy Apple Backing Mat and a Kraft Belly Band. Accompanied by a White Text Mat and Inserts.

    How do you plan to design your wedding invitations? We’d love to know! Share your perfect designs with us over on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Pocketfold Inspiration #2

    Untitled design (1)


    Here is beautiful vintage inspired wedding invite, created using our Square Pocketfold in Midnight Blue with Kraft Backing Mat and a Kraft Belly Band. Accompanied by a White Text Mat and Inserts.

    Don't forget to share your wedding invites with us! We’d love to see what you've come up with! Share your lovely designs with us over on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Bridal style: Pick the right dress for your shape

    Make wedding dress shopping easy by opting for a gown that flatters your figure and sits perfectly on your frame…


    Women with an hourglass shape have hips and shoulder similar in size with a nipped in, well-defined waist.

    Your dress prescription:

    Rows- dresses 1

    ●  Mermaid style gowns – Great for ultra-curvaceous girls, the mermaid gown plays up your figure in all the right places. Very Jessica Rabbit!

    ●  A-line gowns – A great streamlined option to balance your figure.

    ● Sweetheart necklines – One of the most flattering necklines for showing off your assets.


    Many women who are rectangular shaped often mistake their body type as hourglass. However, while your waist will be smaller than your hips and shoulders, there’s much less of a difference than with an hourglass figure. Instead you’ll have a much straighter shape.

    Your dress prescription:

    Row 2- dresses

    ● Sheath gowns – Think lightweight materials and boho. This style of gown can create those curves you’re after.

    ●  A-line gowns – The A-line gown is another great option for creating an hourglass shape.

    ●  High necklines – If you’re a slim rectangle, high necklines offer a unique option for your wedding gown.

    Triangle – otherwise known as Pear

    Just like a pear you’re smaller on the top than the bottom. Your hips are wider than your shoulders and you tend to carry more of your weight on your bottom half.

    Your dress prescription:

    Row 3- dresses

    ●  Princess ball gowns – Emphasise all your best bits with a sculpted, figure-hugging corset.

    ●  Empire line gowns – This style of dress emphasises your tiny waist and flatters your whole figure.

    Inverted Triangle

     If you have slim thighs, but a slighter larger upper body, your figure can be described as an inverted triangle. Any easy way to assess whether you’re this shape is to see if your shoulders are broader than your hips.

    Your dress prescription:

    Row 4

    ●  Mermaid style gowns – Balance out your shape with a mermaid style gown that provides a flattering counterpoint to wide shoulders.

    ●  Short gowns – Show off your slim pins and balance out your figure with a 50s style short dress.


    Row 5- dresses

    Although not traditionally a body type, it’s important to take into account your height, as well as your frame. While most styles suit tall brides, they’re best off avoiding empire line dresses.


    If you’re 5’ 3” or under, you’re traditionally classed as petite. Even more so than tall women, petite girls need to make sure they choose the right style of gown – many may swamp them.

    Your dress prescription:

    Row 6 - dresses

    ●  Sheath gowns – The simple cut of a sheath gown will elongate your figure without overwhelming it.

    ●  A-line gowns – A-line gowns also add height and shape to a petite bride.

    What style of dress do you have your heart set on? Tell us over on Facebook or Twitter. In the meantime, why not be inspired by some of our favourite gowns on Pinterest.


  • How to Create a beautiful bow!

    Here's a quick tutorial on how to create a beautiful bow, you can have your pocketfolds looking even more fabulous in minutes!

    You will need:

    - Belly Band (with a strip of double sided sticky tape on one side)
    - Pocketfold
    - 4 Pieces of Ribbon, cut shorter than each other and with a strip of double sided sticky tape on one side  (see picture below)
    - Double Sided Sticky Tape
    - Scissors


    Step 1: Lay the pocketfold facing down, and stick down the belly band, as seen in step 2.

    Step 2: Take the longest piece of ribbon and wrap around the belly band.


    Step 3: Take the other end of the ribbon and stick it down as seem in step 4.


    Step 5: Create loops with the other bigger pieces of ribbon and place a square of double sided sticky tape in the middle of each loop of ribbon.

    Step 6: Stick down the center of each "loop" of ribbon to create a effect bow, then with the smallest piece of ribbon fold it around the smaller loop, as seem in step 6.


    Step 7: Put a strip of double sided sticky tape on the back of each "bow."

    Step 8: Stick down the bigger bow onto the Pocketfold and then stick down the smaller "bow" on top of that.


    You should end up with something like this!

    Share what you've created with us on our Facebook page!  We'd love to see!


  • Pocketfold Inspiration #1

    In the Forest


    This forest design was created using our Gatefold Pocketfold in Slate Gray with Lime Green Backing Mat and a Kraft Belly Band. Accompanied by a White Text Mat and Inserts.

    How do you plan to design your wedding invitations? We’d love to know! Share your perfect designs with us over on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Top 10 entertainment ideas for your big-day

    Rock your party with first-class entertainment sure to impress. Whether you’ve got big bucks saved for your day, or your wedding budget is relatively modest, there are plenty of ways to entertain and occupy your guests on your special day. From garden games for adults and your littlest guests, to something more extravagant and spectacular – like the firework finale, we’ve got entertainment ideas for every taste…


     1. Live music

    Live music is great for creating an atmosphere. You could opt for a live four-piece band to really get the evening party started, or something more subdued, such a guitarist and vocalist – great for the early evening and your drinks reception. A solo artist will usually be more affordable too – meaning you can enjoy live music without the hefty costs.

    2. DJ

    The classic option for many couples is the wedding DJ. The great thing about many of today’s DJs is their experience. They have a knack of playing the right songs at the right time and know exactly what tunes to put on to get everyone going. Hiring a DJ avoids the headache of putting together your own playlist and also ensures a range of songs suited to all your guests.

    3. Photo booth

    Photo booths are great for providing hours of entertainment. We never get bored of having a selfie or three, and can assure you your guests won’t either! While traditionally quite pricey, many couples are now beginning to DIY their own photo booths. In fact, a fairly stylish booth with a DIY backdrop and props usually comes in at under £100. For more tips on creating your own, why not read our DIY Photo Booth blog?


    4. Magician

    Wow your guests with a close-up magician. While you may not have previously considered hiring one, they’re actually a great way to get your guests mingling. Ideal for the drinks reception, or between wedding breakfast courses, it will certainly be something talked about in months to come.

    5. Vegas-style casino

    Whether Vegas holds special memories for the both of you, or you simply love the fun and flair of a casino, it’s a great entertainment idea to keep your guests amused. Hire out a variety of slot tables and complement with a cocktail and whisky bar for the ultimate Vegas affair.

    6. Garden games

    If you’re looking for something to keep both the kids and adults entertained, look no further than garden games. Whether you plan on getting competitive with boys vs. girls, or you just want to take advantage of some outdoor fun, there are plenty of options when it comes to games. From tug of war to giant Jenga, or something more relaxing like croquet on the lawn – choose a selection of games to complement the theme and atmosphere of your day.


    7. Singing waiters

    While this may not be the most common form of wedding entertainment it’s certainly one that will amuse guests young and old. Dressed to impress, the vocalists will serve up food and drink favourites whilst performing a selection of popular songs. The charming tones of the barbershop-style singing waiters is sure to add a touch of class to your special day - and ideal for both drink receptions and wedding breakfasts.

    8. DIY dessert station

    Let your guests get creative with a delicious DIY dessert station. You can choose any dessert your heart desires but we personally recommend something like cupcakes, pancakes or s’mores. At a cupcake DIY station you’ll typically provide guests with freshly baked cupcakes for them to decorate themselves. Offer a range of icings, sprinkles and toppings to allow them to create the cupcake of their dreams. Pancake bars are a great summer option, as guests create their very own topping concoctions; while s’mores bars are great come winter, accompanied by a huge outdoor firepit.

    9. Fireworks

    If your budget and venue allows for fireworks you’ll be able to create the ultimate closing spectacle as you fill the sky with colour. If a firework display isn’t possible for you, why not consider a sparkler send-off?  It’s a much cheaper alternative and makes for fantastic wedding shots.

    10. Dance-off

    For those looking for entertainment that won’t break the bank, why not rope some of your friends into having a dance-off? Even if getting up and dancing like a wild child in front of all your guests terrifies you, you’ll probably have some friends and family members willing to be the star of the show. Guaranteed to be a giggle and offer some comedy memories of your day, it’s a simple but highly entertaining option for most couples.

    How do you plan to entertain your guests on your wedding day? We’d love to know! Share your perfect party entertainment with us over on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Wedding theme SOS: Rustic Romance

    Perhaps one of the most beautiful themes of the year, the rustic romance look is here to stay. Based on natural beauty and infused with pretty feminine touches, it promises a laid-back, yet stunning, vibe that will always remain in fashion. But how do you go about creating the look? That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring in today’s blog…


    The look

    The rustic romance wedding theme goes one step further than the popular rustic look by incorporating lots of feminine beauty. Think dusky pink, cream and sage green colour palette, delicate details, such as lace and ruffles, along with a touch of elegance.

    Your wedding style

    When it comes to your gown the cut should be quite simple – think sheath, empire or a modified A-line style. While the shape of your gown may be simple, the detail will be quite the opposite - from long trains to flowing sleeves, and lace overlays to open backs. Accessories will be important too. Floral crowns, quirky boots and cosy cover-ups can all be part of the look.

    An ideal choice of attire for your groom is a slim-fit suit finished off with a bow-tie. Smart and romantic, the groom can also experiment with textures like tweed, in the cooler months, and play around with colours such as greys and royal blue.

    The rest of your wedding party would look great in muted pastel shades – think along the dusky pink, cream and sage colour palette. The mismatched bridesmaid look also works well with this theme.


    The venue

    Choosing the right venue is one of the most important factors in getting this look right. Wedding barns lend themselves well to this theme with their neutral colour palettes, exposed features and natural feel. What’s more, they usually come with plenty of outdoor space too – great for all your outdoorsy, countryside-inspired photographs.

    Another couple of venue options include the quaint country house and farm. Again, these types of wedding venues provide the ideal backdrop for your wedding snaps and fit with the informal, welcoming atmosphere of your rustic romance-inspired day.

    The details

    It’s those little details that will really make your day and bring your rustic romance alive. Here are just a few things you might like to consider to create your final look:

    • The food. Keep things fun with food favourites and a menu that includes a pretty – and tasty - trio of desserts. A well-styled dessert table also complements the rustic romance wedding theme and will no doubt win your guests’ hearts.
    • The bouquet. Add a romantic touch to your bouquet with pretty ribbon streamers and think about incorporating some statement flowers. Protea or hydrangeas are great options, while succulents also add interest to your bouquet while keeping things pretty.
    • The cake. While the naked cake has long been associated with rustic weddings, it’s the buttercream-iced cake that sits best with this wedding theme. Simple, yet beautiful, the whipped-like texture of the buttercream adds that all-important texture to your wedding style. Couples looking for something extra decorative should also consider the ruffle wedding cake.
    • The textures. Wooden features tie in really well with the rustic wedding – but remember to glam things up a little to add that romantic touch. Apple crates, barrels and tree logs are just some of the wooden props you can incorporate in your day, along with some quirky wooden signs.

    To add that glamorous overtone, why not consider lace-top chair covers or ruffle fabric backs? Worlds away from the traditional chair cover, these modern designs give off a feel of real romance. If you’re looking to keep things more natural, white chiavari chairs also work well and can even be adorned with flowers. Lace or burlap table runners are another way to add a fabulous finishing touch.

    • The favours. Since you’ll be embracing all things natural and homemade, it’s a great idea to bring this touch to your wedding favours too. A simple option might be homemade jam or honey in a cute jar. Alternatively you could pot a DIY hot chocolate kit, with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows, into mini jam jars, or serve up your favourite cheesecake in a jar.
    • Something extra special. Creating the right atmosphere is key to this wedding theme – and you can’t go wrong with twinkle lights. Whether they’re hung as a backdrop or from the ceiling, they’re a great way to add some romantic ambience to your day. If you’re planning on celebrating outdoors you could also wrap some fairy lights around tree trunks to light up the space and make way for some beautiful photographs.


    For more inspiration on creating the perfect rustic romance, take a look at our Pinterest board.

    How will you be adding a touch of rustic romance to your wedding? Let us know over on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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