About Us

About Us

Only the best!

At Paperbliss, we're all about stunning paper and quality finish. Creating DIY wedding invitations is a wonderful way to save money while planning your big day, but who wants to sacrifice quality just because you are 'doing it yourself'? We've developed our range of DIY pocketfold invitations using irrestible card stocks - from posh suppliers (and only the suppliers who meet our high expectations too!). This way, you can be certain that your invitations won't look cheap.

Our pocket fold invitations & wallets, plus our range of ribbons & crafting accessories will provide you with the ingredients to fashion your delightful invitations, guaranteed to get a huge WOW from all of your family and friends, especially when they know you've put your own personal touches on their personalised invitation.

UK Based

Paperbliss UK benefits from over 8 years of experience in the printing industry, so you're in safe hands. Everything is based in Bristol in the United Kingdom, but we ship worldwide - and fast too! We've tried our best to make our website easy to use, and have created lots of useful resources to help you create your DIY pocket invitations but our small customer service team love talking - so they'll help guide you through anything you're not sure of. If you need to, just give us a call, or contact us by email and we'll be happy to help.

Our Splendid Blog

The impressive Paperbliss blog is a great resource for planning a DIY wedding - with tips, articles and photos to help you DIY your way through the hard part, so you can enjoy the big day and be proud of your planning, crafting and DIY prowess! Take a look!